Upcoming Events
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PMTA Fall Festival
Date: November 9, 2019
Time: TBA
Location: Glendale Community College, 6000 W. Olive Ave., Glendale, AZ 85302
Registration Deadline: Oct. 18
The purpose of the Fall Festival is to give students the opportunity to be evaluated performing before a judge. Each student will receive a written critique and either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medal, or a Participant’s Ribbon. A recital of the Gold Medal winners and awards ceremony will be held the day following the auditions.
Owens Studio Halloween Recital
Date: Fri, November, 1, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: S.N.A.P. - 4425 N. Granite Reef Rd., Scottsdale
PMTA Fall Vocal Recital
Date: November 9, 2019
Time: 1:30-2:30 PM
Location: Riverton Piano, 9299 W. Olive Ave., Peoria, AZ
Registration Deadline: Nov. 2
The purpose of the Vocal Recital Series is to give vocal students ages 9 through senior high an opportunity to perform in a recital setting. Recital will be limited to one hour.
PMTA Music at the Mall
Date: December 14, 2019
Time: TBA
Location: Paradise Valley Mall
Registration Deadline: November 15
Music at the Mall provides a special opportunity for students of all ages to perform publicly, while showcasing the accomplishments of students in our community. It provides quality music for the listener, as well as a positive experience for the students and favorable exposure for teachers, PMTA, and the music stores providing pianos.
PMTA 68th Annual Piano Ensemble
Date: Febuary 8, 2020
Time: 6:00 and or 8:00 Concert
Location: Arcadia High School
Registration Deadline: October 30th
The Phoenix Music Teachers Association's Piano Ensemble is one of PMTA's oldest and most beloved traditions. Beginning in 1952, it continues to provide a unique ensemble performance opportunity for piano students, using a variety of music genre. The PMTA Piano Ensemble has become well known throughout the Valley as an excellent musical experience for both observers and performers. In recent years, world-renowned composers Kevin Olson, Robert Vandall and David Karp have eagerly accepted commissions to compose specifically for the Piano Ensemble, and they have also been honored conductors at the concerts. There are 3 required rehearsals on either Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday for the 3 weeks prior to the concert and one dress rehearsal the morning of, or evening before, the concert. Rehearsal locations and times vary, depending on the piece you are performing.
NEW THIS YEAR!! NFMC (National Federation of Music Clubs)
Phoenix Location = Feb. 15 or 22, 2020; Gilbert Location = Feb. 22 or 29, 2020
Time: TBA
Location: AZ Piano or Key Box Studio
Registration Deadline: November 28, 2019
Students can enter various categories, including Solo Piano, Hymns, Duets, Concertos, Vocal, Theory. They receive comments and ratings from two judges and work towards earning Gold Cups in each category based on point totals.
PMTA Spring Vocal Master Class and Syllabus Event
Date: April 18, 2020
Time: Approx 9:00-12:00
Location: LDS Meetinghouse (4242 E. Waltann Ln., Phoenix)
Registration Deadline: April 6, 2020
The purpose of the Vocal Master Class is to give vocal students ages 8 through senior high an opportunity to perform in a Masterclass setting, getting live feedback from a master vocal technician. The Syllabus event includes being tested on rythm, intervals, sight singing and conducting. Students receive helpful feedback, certificates and ribbons based on their scores.
PMTA Dean & Carolyn Elder Piano Competition
Date: March 28, 2020
Time: TBA
Location: AZ Piano
Registration Deadline: March 13
PMTA's Dean & Carolyn Elder Competition gives students an opportunity to perform solo repertoire in a recital setting and be adjudicated. All participants will receive certificates, and students awarded "Superior with Distinction" or "Superior" will receive trophies and cash awards upon availability. Students awarded "Honorable Mention" will receive cash awards upon availability. All award winners are invited to perform in the Winner's Recital the following day.
Owens Studio Spring Recital
TO BE CONFIRMED! Date: May 24, 2020
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: S.N.A.P. - 4425 N. Granite Reef Rd., Scottsdale
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