Welcome to the new and improved website for the Liz G. Owens Piano Studio. I am excited to unveil this long awaited site remodel which has been masterfully produced by the great people at DTBusiness. Please take a minute to peruse the various pages, pictures and posts but have a little patience as I continue to load new items and update the site. I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

My goal as a teacher is to instill each student with a genuine love of music. I recognize that only a small percentage of music students continue their studies to college or beyond. However, it is my goal that all of my students will go through life with a genuine appreciation of fine and beautiful music. They will understand how music works, why it has to have form and substance, and will appreciate some of the amazing history behind the piano and its great composers. Above all, I hope they will have the desire to share this love with others so good music will continue to be created, shared and enjoyed by all.


Our Spring Recital is just around the corner on Friday, May 22, 2015 ~ 6:30 PM ~ SCUCC-BondHall. Awards and Recognitions for all. How many students completed all 14 levels of Sight Reading? Did anyone get a Perfect Score on their Technic test? Discover these answers and more at the Spring Recital. Bonus: hear some amazing music as well. 🎶